An agreement of the parties to carry out research proyects of technologic development, teaching and dissemination of knowledge related between the University and the Institution, with the participation of the students and the university teaching staff.


 Legal Foundation

Civil Code for the State of Queretaro articles 1671, 1673, 1675. Autonomous University of Queretaro's Organic Law and its statutes.



  1. Request for the making of the Agreement issued by the interested party, through an Official letter or electronically.
  2. Documents evidencing the personality of the Institution and that of its legal representative.
  3. Making of the Agreement.
  4. Signing of the Agreement.
    1. Celebration with official ceremony, it will be conducted according to the operative manual issued by the General Advocate's Office.
    2. Celebration without official ceremony, only the respective signatures are collected.
  5. Sending of the Agreement to the related areas.
  6. Digitalization.
  7. Filing.

Documentation that must be included in the dossier:

  1. Request.
  2. Documentation evidencing the personality of the Institution.
  3. Original Agreement properly signed by the parties.
  4. Official letter of the sending of the signed Agreement to the Institution.
  5. Official letter of the sending to the University areas involved.