Contract by which one of the parties called donor, transfers for free to the other party thats called donee, one part or the totality of his present assets.

Legal Fundation

Procurement, Leasing and Services Regulagtions article 33 section I, Civil Code for the State of Queretaro, articles 2217, 2219, 2223, 2225.

1. Formal request of the interested party  before the Committee for Procurement, Leasing and Services of the AUQ.
      a. Accreditation of ownership of the movable or immovable porperty.
2. Official Authorization letter from the  Committee for Procurement, Leasing  and Services of the AUQ.
        a. Session Date in which it is authorized and conditions.
        b. Application and draw up  the Grant Contract.
3. Signing of the contract.
4. Dispatch of the contract to related areas.
5. Digitalization.

Documentation that must be included in the dossier:

1. Request.
2. Authorization from the Committee for Procurement, Leasing and Services.
3. A document that accredits the property that is going to be received as a donation.
4. Original contract duly signed.
5. Official letter of delivery of the Contract to the participant institution.
6. Official letter of dispatch to the university areas involved.