It has the following faculties:

I.   Issue the Organic Statute and the rest of this law's regulations.

II.  Create, modify or remove Faculties, Schools, Campuses or Institutes, Secretaries, Directorates, Centers, Departments, titles and university degrees and set studies within knowledge's academic areas.

III.  Approve plans and education and research programs proposed by the competent academic dependencies.

IV.  Dessignate the Dean, remove them due to serious cause, extend their ressignation and that of their licences; and designate the substitute Dean, be it interim or provisional, according to the University Legislation's terms.

V.   Dessignate the headmasters of the Faculties, Schools and Campuses on the slate that, conducted by the Dean, the respective Academic Council will present; and be aware of their licences and ressignations or remove them due to serious cause under the University Legislation's terms.

VI.  Ratify or not, the Dean's appointment of the Campus Coordinator from the slate that the corresponding Academic Council presents to them. 

VII. Dessignate a planning committee headed by the Dean and conformed by the Secretaries, Coordinators of Academic Areas of Knowledge, Area Directors, Schools, Faculties, Institutes, Campus Coordinators and leaders of Student Council, whose fuction be to formulate or adequate the University's Plan of Development.

VIII. Issue agreements in terms of education incorporation and revalidation.

IX. Study and sanction the annual general budget of ingress and egress.

X. Uphold the University Legislation by applying the sanctions due to its infringement.

XI. Confer honorary degrees and designate emeritus professors. 

XII. Authorize professional exams and graduation ceremonies.

XIII. Know about the Dean's monthly and annual declarations.

XIV. Dessignate comissions in affairs of its competence.

XV. Be aware and solve conflicts that arise amongst University's bodies.

XVI. Be aware and solve any issue whose competence does not correspond to any other University Authorities.

XVII. Any other granted by the Legislación Universitaria.

XVII.Las demás que le otorgue la Legislación Universitaria.