The Université de Moncton(CANADA)
Western Kentucky University (USA)
Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (MEXICO)

United by the belief that foreign exposure, work experience, and academic knowledge are necessary  for the development of future business leaders, the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro Western Kentucky University, and Université de Moncton, offer an International  Master of Business Administration degree program that will focus on NAFTA.

This innovative program has several attributes that make it both unique and highly attractive. First, students wil study one semester in Canada, one semester in the United States, and one semester in Mexico. Second, students will achieve a level of proficiency in English and/or French. Third, students will have an internship as part of an international team.

This truly international program inmerses participating students intro three different cultures that have a common link; the North American Free Trade Agreement. Every aspect of the program is team related, international in scope, and concentrates on NAFTA issues. This unique approach will prepare students for sustantive leadership positions in the new North America.

Prospective students apply to one of the three universities for their degree program. Each graduating student will receive a diploma from his/her university, and a certificate awarded jointly by all three universities.



To prepare professionals that manage international programs/business. The program is focussed on the NAFTA agreement, in order to support the growth of the 3 countries. The program pretends to develop a business culture management within a frame of understanding of the way to do and to manage business in each culture.


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